Zero to One Million

iFarmer`s mission to Help Farmers Win!

Mohd Fahad Ifaz
3 min readJun 29, 2020

Today iFarmer passed a significant milestone. We have generated $1 million dollars in farm funding for our network of 5000+ farmers. While we have much to be proud of in this achievement but it is not the most important measure of our success. There are about 20 million farmers in Bangladesh requiring better access to finance, technology and market access. So we have barely scratched the surface.

This achievement is small step towards our greater mission, helping our farmers win. And when they win, the people who are trusting us win as well. And our aim is to always staying true to our mission.

We started the journey in December 2018 with 50 farmers and a few friends and family who believed in our cause and put in the first lot of funding for these farmers. Since then we have grown, added more farmers to our platform, got trusted by complete strangers and have developed more services, improved our technology stack and lately took a shot at the highly unorganized agriculture supply chain in Bangladesh. While doing these we have grown from a team of 2 to 20.

Number of farmers and Farm Financing

I do not want to thank the iFarmer team, yet. Because we have just started and we have a long way to go. But definitely appreciate the effort of every single person in the team, without whom we would not have come this far. All these times they refused to settle for anything less than excellence in our work and is never afraid to take a shot at the status quo.

As we strive to solve a complex problem of food production and distribution, it feels every day is Day 1 at iFarmer. When it comes to agriculture and smallholder farmers, there are too many variables with high degree of unpredictability and everyday there is something new to work on, to think of or to solve.

We wanted to make a difference, and we are still far from doing it. We are still imperfect and full of failures. At iFarmer we fail often, we fail everyday, but we try not to fail on our commitment to the farmers and the people who are putting their trust on us.

In our pursuit of making a difference, it is just a question of having enough talent, stamina and discipline to last long enough, until the stars aligned in our favor.

Until then we continue to learn, evolve and iterate towards our goal.

In any successful business, evolution is a big part of the equation, a big part of the game. At iFarmer we do not get to stay still, we do not get to stop learning, we do not get to stagnate. We keep moving. Celebrate our achievements along the way and work towards, building a sustainable business that could truly make a difference in peoples lives.



Mohd Fahad Ifaz

Entrepreneur and a tinkerer in technology based social and economic growth